1. Scenario: Your organization recently hired a new employee, John Smith, who requires access to specific file shares on the network. What should you create in Active Directory to grant John the necessary access permissions?

Group Policy Object (GPO)
Domain Controller (DC)
Security Group
Organizational Unit (OU)

2. What is the recommended Active Directory forest functional level for a Windows Server 2019-based environment to support migration features?

Windows Server 2003
Windows Server 2008
Windows Server 2012
Windows Server 2016

3. What is the maximum number of domain controllers that can hold the PDC Emulator role within a single domain?


4. In Active Directory, what is the purpose of the RID Master role?

Assign unique security identifiers (SIDs) to objects within a domain
Maintain the global catalog for the forest
Manage the Active Directory schema
Authenticate users for logins

5. Which component is responsible for authenticating user logins in an Active Directory domain?

Schema Master
Domain Naming Master
PDC Emulator
Primary Domain Controller (PDC)